Founded in 1958, Mike Coates Construction Company, Inc. (Coates) is one of the oldest and largest general contracting firms in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We are builders and have extensive experience in all types of building construction.

While we specialize in constructing large and/or complex projects, we have built buildings of all sizes and types. The difference between Coates and most other “general contractors” is that we actually build things, i.e., we self-perform most construction trades including clearing, demolition, earthwork, site drainage, site utilities, site improvements, formed concrete (including both formwork and concrete placement), flat concrete, unit masonry, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, metal studs, drywall, acoustical ceiling systems, and the setting of industrial equipment. By self-performing the largest and most pivotal construction trades of any project, the same also being those trades which most severely impact schedule, Coates is able to better control the quality and timeliness in delivery of its projects, and so is able to complete its projects on or before the scheduled delivery date and at the highest standards of quality. Likewise, by self-performing these trades in lieu of brokering the same to others and then adding additional mark-up to this cost, Coates believes that it provides its customers with better value for each dollar spent by them.

With specific reference to quality, in a statewide competition held by the International Masonry Institute in 2001, it was Coates that won the top award. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in masonry construction. Coates was again nominated for this award in 2004. More recently, two of our projects, The Warren G. Harding High School in Warren, Ohio and the Taft Technology Center in Youngstown, Ohio, were featured in Properties Magazine, an Ohio Realty, Construction and architecture publication.

Coates typically employs between 150 and 200 workers, is union affiliated, and is committed to providing the safest possible work environment at each of its projects. Coates was recently awarded the Joan Kovach Safety Leadership Award by the Mahoning Valley Safety Council. The award recognizes an individual or company that has been a safety leader in the Mahoning Valley business community. The MVSC is the second largest safety council in Ohio with nearly 400 members and is part of an Ohio BWC network of more than 70 safety councils throughout the state.

In addition to general contracting services, Coates also offers construction management services, design-build services, and can assist you with estimating, scheduling, value-engineering and cost/benefit analysis.

With respect to financial strength and credit worthiness, please note that Dunn & Bradstreet has assigned Coates its highest rating. And, with respect to bonding, Coates has a $50,000,000 program limit and a single project limit of $30,000,000. Our bonding company is Federal Insurance Company of the Chubb Group. Federal Insurance Company is treasury listed and rated A+ by A.M. Best, a global credit rating agency.