Mike Coates Construction Company https://mikecoatesconstruction.com The premier building contractor throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania Mon, 27 Jan 2020 03:02:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.1 Mike Coates Construction Company’s detailed brickwork adds class to Robert G. Hyre Community Learning Center https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-companys-detailed-brickwork-adds-class-to-robert-g-hyre-community-learning-center/ https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-companys-detailed-brickwork-adds-class-to-robert-g-hyre-community-learning-center/#respond Thu, 24 Oct 2019 19:17:22 +0000 https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/?p=1544  A special 8-page spotlight on the Robert G. Hyre Community Learning Center appears in the December issue of Properties Magazine.Mike Coates Construction Company was the general contractor of this U-Shaped school designed by TC Architects. The school commands a stately presence with traditional architectural elements – detailed red brick, low gabled rooflines and decorative stone coursings and caps – while incorporating spacious, modern learning areas to accommodate today’s technology and security needs. The challenge was the intricacy of the masonry detail, according to Mike Coates Sr., president of Mike Coates Construction.  The brickwork, self-performed by the company includes details such as peaked cast stone copings, brick quoins, parapets, roof caps and radius walls constructed using bricks of multiple sizes and colors, as well as architectural pre-cast. A variety of bond types and patterns added another element of complexity. “The community loves it, the teachers love it and the students love it,” said Principal Cynthia Wilhite. “We couldn’t ask for anything more.”  The project photos in the story say one thing over and over again – quality workmanship. Click here to read the article and see photos. You can see more photos of this project by visiting our gallery.

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Mike Coates Construction Company completes construction of Girard Junior/Senior High School on time and on budget. https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-company-completes-construction-of-girard-junior-senior-high-school-on-time-and-on-budget/ https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-company-completes-construction-of-girard-junior-senior-high-school-on-time-and-on-budget/#respond Thu, 24 Oct 2019 19:16:57 +0000 https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/?p=1542  A special 6-page spotlight on the Girard Junior/Senior High School project appeared in the October issue of Properties Magazine.“It’s probably one of the shortest schedules we’ve had,” says Mike Coates, president of Mike Coates Construction Co., which also recently built the Warren G. Harding High School in nearby Warren. Mike Coates Construction incorporated many “green features” within the building including materials with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and automatic shutoff lights. The HVAC is geothermal, providing energy efficiency. “It’s the dawn of a new era,” says William Ryser, the high school principal, noting that the new building enhances the learning environment, is energy efficient and has more amenities than the previous building for junior and senior high school. “It’s an unprecedented opportunity for this community, for the kids to have an opportunity to learn in an environment like this.”Joseph Jeswald, school superintendent, a 35-year veteran of the district. is encouraged by the fact that the school has already achieved high marks by the state. He further noted that the high school was recognized by U.S. News & World Report magazine as one of the nation’s best schools for providing opportunity in secondary education. The project photos in the story say one thing over and over again – quality workmanship. Click here to read the article and see photos. You can see more photos of this project by visiting our gallery.

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Mike Coates Construction Company’s Youngstown YWCA Renovation project updates housing for lower income individuals https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-companys-youngstown-ywca-renovation-project-updates-housing-for-lower-income-individuals/ https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-companys-youngstown-ywca-renovation-project-updates-housing-for-lower-income-individuals/#respond Thu, 24 Oct 2019 19:16:32 +0000 https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/?p=1540 A special 4-page spotlight on this YWCA Renovation project appeared in the March issue of Properties Magazine.Although a strategic plan for a repair and restoration project had been developed in the mid-1990s, it wasn’t until 2007 that funding allowed for the vision to become a reality. BSHM and Mike Coates Construction came on board for phase one of the project, which included demolishing the swimming pool and reconfiguring the apartment units. Phase two involved restoration of the main areas of the building and carving out new office spaces and an enhanced childcare area. The project photos in the story say one thing over and over again – quality workmanship. Click here to read the article and see photos. You can see more photos of this project by visiting our gallery. 

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Mike Coates Construction Company’s Holy Family Parish project is “In the Spotlight” of trade publication https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-companys-holy-family-parish-project-is-in-the-spotlight-of-trade-publication/ https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-companys-holy-family-parish-project-is-in-the-spotlight-of-trade-publication/#respond Thu, 24 Oct 2019 19:16:06 +0000 https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/?p=1538 A special 8-page spotlight on Mike Coates Construction Co., Inc. appears in the March issue of Properties Magazine featuring Holy Family Parish in Stow, Ohio.

The 10,000 -square-foot addition wraps the existing church’s east, south and west sides and provides new features, including two chapels, a grand entry from the west, a bell tower, a peace garden and a canopy walkway at the church’s front door, with full accessibility for seniors and disabled parishioners. Jim Evans, the project architect, together with Mike Coates Construction Co., Inc. addressed issues involving lighting, parking accessibility, and temperature control to reduce heating bills. Finishing touches include beautiful mosaic tiles, yellow-tinged stone quarried and cut in Jerusalem, rough stone and dark-toned ceramic flooring, stained cherry wood lay-in grid ceiling, and beautiful stained glass windows.

The project photos in the spotlight say one thing over and over again – quality workmanship. Click here to read the article and see photos. You can see more photos of this project by visiting our gallery.  

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Mike Coates Construction Company, Inc. featured in Properties Magazine https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-company-inc-featured-in-properties-magazine/ https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-company-inc-featured-in-properties-magazine/#respond Thu, 24 Oct 2019 19:13:22 +0000 https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/?p=1535 A special 24-page feature on Mike Coates Construction Co., Inc. is included in the August issue of Properties Magazine in celebration of the company’s “50 Years in Business”. The beautiful full color glossy magazine is Northeast Ohio’s monthly realty, construction and architecture magazine.  The editor of the magazine was impressed with the amount of vendors who supported the special feature with their ads, causing the originally planned 16-pages to grow to 24 pages.

Titled “Built to Last: Mike Coates Construction Co., Inc. expands on half-century of high quality workmanship,” the in-depth story celebrates the continuing growth of the Mike Coates Construction Co., Inc. with a history of the family-owned business, a list of project highlights over the past 50 years, and more. If pictures say a thousand words, then the project photos in the feature say one thing over and over again – quality workmanship. 

To view the feature, click on Properties Magazine Feature on our home page, or visit propertiesmag.com. and view the August issue.

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Mike Coates Construction Company wins Joan Kovach Safety Leadership Award https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-company-wins-joan-kovach-safety-leadership-award/ https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/mike-coates-construction-company-wins-joan-kovach-safety-leadership-award/#respond Thu, 24 Oct 2019 19:11:10 +0000 https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/?p=1531 Mike Coates Construction Company of Niles, Ohio, was awarded the Joan Kovach Safety Leadership Award by the Mahoning Valley Safety Council (MVSC). The award recognizes an individual or company that has been a safety leader in the Mahoning Valley business community. The award is named in honor of Joan Kovach, who together with her husband, owned and operated City Machine Technologies, Inc. since 1985, but who died in a hiking accident in 2006. The MVSC is the second largest safety council in Ohio with nearly 400 members and is part of an Ohio BWC network of more than 70 safety councils throughout the state.

“Here at Mike Coates Construction, we’re committed to providing the safest possible work environment at each of our projects and to being a safety leader in the construction industry,” said Mike Coates, Jr.

With more than 50 years of building excellence, Mike Coates Construction is one of the oldest and largest building contractors located in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. The company has built its reputation on quality workmanship and completing its projects on time and within budget.

Recently completed projects include the Taft Technology Center in Youngstown, Ohio, the Warren G. Harding High School in Warren, Ohio, and the renovation of several floors at East Liverpool City Hospital. Current projects include a new army reserve center in Cranberry Township, PA, the new Girard Junior-Senior High School in Girard, Ohio, renovation of Laurel Junior-Senior High School in New Castle, PA, and the renovation of several buildings at the Community College of Beaver County in Monaca, PA.

To discuss a building project, contact Mike Coates, Jr. at 330.652.0190.

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“Take Your Dog to Work Day” was a Big Day for “Mac” at Mike Coates Construction Company https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/take-your-dog-to-work-day-was-a-big-day-for-mac-at-mike-coates-construction-company/ https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/take-your-dog-to-work-day-was-a-big-day-for-mac-at-mike-coates-construction-company/#respond Thu, 24 Oct 2019 19:08:44 +0000 https://mikecoatesconstruction.com/?p=1528 “Mac” Coates was included in the news on local television and newspapers representing the “Take Your Dog to Work Day”. Every morning, “Mac” listens for the sound of the keys to signal that it’s time to get into the car and to go to work.  This 40 lb. Keeshond loves his car ride and spending the day at Mike Coates Construction Company in Niles, Ohio.  Mac works the same amount of hours as his master, Mike Coates, Jr., vice-president of the company, and is responsible for guarding the office, keeping employee morale in check, and greeting visitors.  And, he is more than happy to do all this for a couple treats, lunch, and a few “atta boys”.  The almost silent partner is a joy for many in the office who have grown attached to him and enjoy petting him from time to time throughout the day.  Mac is known by many vendors, employees and delivery personnel who are used to seeing him trot down the hall to greet them on their visits to the office.

Mac resides in Niles with family members Mike, Mary Ann, Michael and Aaron. Besides going to work, Mac, an AKC champion, enjoys competing at dog shows, agility training, getting his hair combed, and an occasional game of fetch. Keeshonds are known to be very playful and make great family pets.  Mac is one of the “lucky dogs” who doesn’t have to wait for June 26 to go to work with his owner! Take Your Dog To Work Day was created in 1999 to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters, and breed rescue clubs. This annual event encourages employers to experience the value of pets in their workplace for this one special day while promoting pet adoptions. On June 26, businesses, animal shelters and pet-care professionals from around the world will work together to better the lives of shelter dogs everywhere. 

Thousands of businesses open their doors to employees’ pets on this day in celebration of the great companions dogs make.  Pet Sitters International encourages business to join in and celebrate a decade of “working” dogs! Visit takeyourdog.com. or petsitters.org for more information

Mike Coates Construction Company, with more than 50 years of building excellence, is one of the largest building contractors in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.  The company has built its reputation on quality workmanship and completing its projects on time and within budget.

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